Tailor made tensioning solutions

At the heart of each new unit is the clamping element

Sprocket sets and tensioning pulleys are now available from norelem allowing engineers to create custom tensioning solutions designed to their needs.

The new range of tensioning devices, consisting of chain tensioners, sprocket sets and tension pulleys, are highly flexible and designed to be used with belt or chain drives. With a variety of sizes for each product, they can be individually adapted to help minimise vibration and ensure drives are economical and quiet.

At the heart of each new unit is the clamping element. Cushion, support, tensioning and dampening is all provided by the multifunctional spring bodies manufactured from highly elastic and dimensionally stable natural rubber. The rubber is maintenance-free, tear-off proof and has a high chemical resistance. Meanwhile, the universal clamping elements are available in steel and stainless steel. With the steel versions, front fastening is available for when rear-mounting is not possible.

The clamping unit can then be combined with a set of sprockets, chain tensioners or a tension pulley, making it a ready-to-install clamping fixture for chain and belt drives.

Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, said, “We know flexibility is vital for engineers. That’s why all of our new tensioning solutions are available in various sizes and types, so that engineers can adapt these to suit their applications quickly and cost effectively.”

A common tensioning application which the sprocket wheel sets can be used on are roller chains. The ball bearings of this component are sealed both sides and are maintenance-free due to lubrication that will last the lifetime of the product. For flexibility, the sprocket can be moved on the screw and thereby adapted to the chain track. In the duplex and triplex versions, precise spacer sleeves ensure that the chain has correct guidance.

Chain tensioners can also be used on roller chains. The symmetrical design permits use of both sides, while large radii ensure smooth running. The glider is made of high-quality Vesconite® plastic, which again does not require any lubrication.

The final element in norelem’s new range are tension pulleys, which enable flat and toothed belts to be tensioned on the outside or back of the belt. With maintenance-free ball bearings, the tension pulleys can be mounted rigidly without a tension element. The components can also be used as deflection pulleys.

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