Switched-mode power supply units

Paul Boughton

Whether used for automation technology purposes or in series machine construction, the Weidmüller’s PROeco switched-mode power supply units deliver high performance potential, flexibility and system suitability in an extremely compact design. Measuring from a mere 100mm deep, they also ensure a high degree of efficiency and are extremely easy to service.

Thanks to their temperature protection, short-circuit strength and overload resistance, they can be used in virtually any application. PROeco switched-mode power supply units integrate extensive safety functions and can easily be combined with Weidmüller diode modules, capacity modules and UPS components to assemble a redundant power supply.

Redundant power supplies, UPS components and capacity modules not only increase system reliability, they also prevent costly machine downtimes. Even complex requirements can be optimally satisfied in combination with the compact, high-performance PROeco switched-mode power supply units.

PROeco series work in a wide temperature range, from -25°C to +70°C

The PROeco series work in a wide temperature range, from -25°C to +70°C, and boast a high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) value of more than 500,000 hours.

The compact design, with a max. depth of 120 mm, means that the PROeco power supplies require up to 50% less space and are therefore able to fit in very small cabinets. A high degree of efficiency of up to 93% and minimal no-load losses ensure permanently low energy consumption and a long service life.

Tricolour LED displays (on the front of the device for on-site analysis) and an integrated status relay (for remote monitoring) allow for rapid status diagnosis, with an advanced visual warning is issued at 90% rated output current. This makes it easier for users to analyse statuses and errors, both during commissioning and subsequent operation. The potentiometer on the front can be used to precisely set the output voltage.

PROeco power supplies come in nine 24VDC variants. Single- and three-phase switched-mode power supply units are available: PRO ECO (72W 24V 3A, 120W 24V 5A, 240W 24V 10A, 480W 24V 20A, 960W 24V 40A) and PRO ECO3 (120W 24V 5A, 240W 24V 10A, 480W 24V 20A, 960W 24V 40A). Also available are 12VDC (72W 6A, 120W 10A) and 48VDC (240W 5A, 480W 10A) variants.

The PROeco series is certified according to CE and TÜV (EN/IEC 60950-1), and benefits from international cULus approval.