A sweet solution

Paul Boughton

A major confectionery manufacturer in North America recently encountered a problem with its roller gate valve. The problem lay in the company’s agglomeration process. Very fine sugar was being handled and it continually leaked from the roller gate valve.

To find a solution to this problem, the confectionery manufacturer contacted Mucon’s sister company in the USA. Mucon personnel worked closely with the end user to understand the issues and to design a new, stainless steel roller gate valve that did not leak or jam. Upon completion of the roller gate valve, Mucon personnel were invited to be present at a Supplier Acceptance Test to witness the trial and answer any further questions that may arise.

The custom-made roller gate valve was connected to a sanitary vacuum connection and found to work exceptionally well. In fact, it worked so well that the catch pan that was supplied to receive waste material was redundant.

The valve comes with a progressive loading technology that rivals other valve designs and eliminates the need for any vacuum connections or catch pans to collect material or prevent product that may ingress into the valve body.

The confectionery manufacturer was so pleased that its expectations had been exceeded that it not only purchased the product that was trialled, but also stated that it plans to replace its existing roller gate valves with those produced by Mucon.

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