Surface-mount PCB fasteners for pick-and-place assembly

Paul Boughton

Unlike conventional fasteners, the latest PEM surface-mount PCB fasteners from PennEngineering offer the same easy, automated pick-and-place assembly as any other surface-mount component.

The integration of PCB fasteners into the normal pick-and-place assembly process offers OEMs and contract manufacturers significant benefits over through-hole or broached fixings. These benefits include faster handling and assembly of parts as well as higher manufacturing quality and yields.

Supplying surface-mount fasteners on a standard tape-and-reel eliminates the need for the slow manual placement of the fasteners onto the PCB.  Instead, the fasteners simply become another component that can be included in the automated pick-and-place assembly and reflow soldering processes. It also eliminates the risk of loose components becoming lost or mixed with other parts.

As surface-mount fasteners are attached to the PCB using a non-intrusive process, they also offer benefits for design engineers. The non-intrusive assembly process means that the board is not exposed to the risk of cracking and the fasteners can be placed closer to the edge of the board than conventional through-hole or broached devices.

Surface-mount fasteners are available in a range of configurations that allow them to replace many types of conventional PCB hardware such as spacers and nuts, panel fasteners and right-angle fasteners. more information, visit

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