Surface mount MEMS angular acceleration sensor

Paul Boughton

Recent years have seen a growing customer demand for angular acceleration sensors with compact dimensions, which also feature high sensitivity, low noise and wide frequency band. Murata combined its technology for designing inertial sensors, such as acceleration and gyro sensors with its MEMS (micro electro-mechanical sensor) process technology to develop what is believed to be the world’s first surface-mount-type MEMS angular acceleration sensor.

The unit is also believed to be the world’s smallest SMD-type angular acceleration sensor, the accelerometer has dimensions of just 5.2 x 2.5mm typ. x 0.8mm max. It incorporates a detection frequency band of more than 1kHz and an angular acceleration equivalent noise effective value of less than 1rad/s²ms.

Murata’s surface mount MEMS angular acceleration sensor can be used for the detection of angular acceleration and the detection of rotational vibration.