Submersible hydrostatic level transmitters

Paul Boughton

Sensor specialist Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd’s new pressure and level sensor products include submersible hydrostatic level transmitters, a range of capacitive pressure sensor modules for OEMs, as well as a new range of miniature pressure sensors.

Impress Sensors’ range of products includes sensors for pressure, temperature, level and distance measurement; process controllers; process indicators; data logging and recording systems; calibration equipment; as well as SIL2-approved and ATEX-approved products. 

The IML range of hydrostatic level transmitters are stainless steel, marine bronze or PVC submersible level transmitters, which can be supplied with a stainless steel, hastelloy or ceramic pressure sensor. Applications include any type of level or depth measurement task, including water tanks, process lines, aggressive media (chemicals) tanks, rivers, sea water, sewage treatment, landfills, tank farms, water treatment plants and early warning flood or Tsunami systems. Nominal pressure range is from as low as 0.5mWG up to 200mWG.

The IML also has the option to be fitted with an SDI-12 output, a serial data interface at 1200 baud. This is a standard communications protocol that interfaces battery-powered data recorders with microprocessor based sensors designed for environmental data acquisition. It enables measurements to be transferred from an intelligent sensor to a data recorder. SDI-12 is ideal for applications where battery-powered operation with minimal current drain is required; use of one data recorder with multiple sensors on a single cable; or use with microprocessor-based sensors that perform complex calibration algorithms or make internal computations.

As well as level transmitters, Impress Sensors has a new range of capacitive pressure sensors. Designed for OEM customers, the ME704 is a ready-to-assemble capacitive pressure sensor module that can be configured and programmed via an RS232 interface. The ceramic sensor offers a 10:1 turn down ratio and extremely high overpressure resistance. The sensor can be integrated into any transmitter product, including submersible units. Ranges start from 60 mbar up to 20 bar.

Impress Sensors is also launching its ASM series of miniature pressure transducers to the industrial arena. Originally supplied to the motor sports and other tough automotive sectors as a fuel, oil, air, coolant, brakes and water pressure sensor, the ASM series is now being offered to industrial customers. The rugged all-stainless steel transmitters have a thin film stainless steel pressure sensor. The housing is made from stainless steel and sealed to IP67. Nominal pressures are from 5 bar up to 700 bar.

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