Stress buster: high-density polyethylene abrasion resistant piping

Paul Boughton

Polyethylene piping has abrasion resistant lining that copes with wear and tear of abrasive mining materials

K-PIPE WRP isa polymer lined high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) abrasion resistant piping system that is suitable for movement of liquids, sludge and slurry containing abrasive media and contaminants.

K-PIPE WRP  - from Kingfisher ( - offers an inner wear resistant polymer within its matrix that enhances the service life of the pipe when exposed to abrasive media.

K-PIPE WRP is manufactured via an automated extrusion process that incorporates a traditional HDPE (high density polyethylene) outer sleeve and fuses an inner wear resistant polymer sleeve utilising a patented technology that eliminates the potential for delimitation in service. This results in a system being less expensive than the traditional range of metallics and ceramics used for handling abrasive materials such as coal, minerals and other highly abrasive materials.

Typical site uses include mining and quarrying applications, plus ash and dust handling, sewerage processing, tailing pipes, pulp and paper production.

Liner material

K-PIPE WRP abrasion resistant lining layer is selected for the medium being transported. After an assessment has been made of the composition of the medium and the operating conditions, the most appropriate liner material can be selected from a range of high resistance polymers.

The K-PIPE WRP system allows extra thicknesses of the wear resistant inner polymer to be incorporated which in areas such as bends and branches where the abrasive effects of the media are most significant results in improved service and performance.

Another advantage of K-PIPE WRP is that the system can be joined using a specially developed butt-fusion technology and electro fusion couplings which results in welded joints as strong and as smooth as the pipe itself. Alternatively, flanges and mechanical sealing joints can be used in the same fashion as steel pipes. Furthermore, dependant on the inner bore size which ranges from 63mm to 800mm and dependant on the bore size pipes can be supplied in lengths up to 500 metres, which reduces the number of joints and speeds-up installation.