Stepper motors offer high holding torque

Paul Boughton

B & R Automation is launching 80MPF series stepper motors with 60mm flanges that are described as powerful and cost-effective. With 25 per cent more torque and 30 per cent less power loss, stepper motors from the 80MPF series are suitable for applications with high clock rates - for example, packaging machines or filling systems.
The 60mm 80MPF, 56mm 80MPD and 86mm 80MPH motors are said to be among the most powerful stepper motors on the market in regard to holding torque. B&R now offers motors for challenging applications with holding torque ratings from 1.1Nm to 13.6Nm.
For controlling the motors, B&R offers Acoposmicro, X20 system and X67 system stepper motor modules that handle currents from 1-10A.
When designing the new 80MPF series motors, special attention was paid to ensuring that the installation flange is compatible with existing 56mm motors from the 80MPD series. For this reason, the mounting holes on the two motors series are identical. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the new stepper motors, like all B&R motors, are robust and have a long operating life.
Stepper motor bearings are key components when it comes to reliability in harsh environmental conditions. Here, B&R was careful to make the right selection; in addition, the seals on the bearings provide protection from contamination and moisture.
The new 80MPF series motors are sealed to IP30 as standard. However, an optional cover enables IP65 protection to be achieved. Depending on the application requirements, the 60mm motors can also be equipped with an ABR encoder, an SSI encoder and/or a motor brake.
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