Steaming to success

Paul Boughton

Rand-Air, part of the global Atlas Copco Group, has introduced an innovative and economical steam boiler.

The new Atlas Copco steam boiler is a 20 foot containerised unit capable of delivering an output of 6.2 million BTU per hour (approximately 2 720kg per hour) at a temperature of 100˚C and a working pressure of 10.3bar.

Steam boilers - large vessels containing water - transfer heat from a fuel source (oil, gas or coal) into steam, which is then piped to a point where it can be used in a variety of applications, including running production equipment, sterilising and steam cleaning.

The new steam boiler, the latest new addition to Rand-Air’s rental stable, is used in well testing in the on- and offshore oil and gas industry (in effluent heating). It also has an application in a number of other industrial processes, including effluent steam injection; mud transfer; chemical heating; steam cleaning; sterilisation (autoclave and hospitals), heating (domestic and industrial); batch cooking for mass production; spirit distillation; tyre and moulding production, and process heating in the refinery industry.