Static subsea umbilical for CO2 injection project

Paul Boughton

Statoil’s Snøhvit gas field, the largest industrial project off the coast of northern Norway, will be equipped with Nexans’ static umbilical that provide hydraulic, electrical and fibre optic services for subsea services.

The Snøhvit project development will establish an additional well at a new CO2 injection template as well as prepare for gas production from existing templates. The new Nexans supplied umbilical will be routed between existing distribution unit to a new subsea template.

The Snøhvit CO2 umbilical is the third delivery in a €45 million portfolio of standardised umbilical deliveries awarded by Statoil in December 2012 for the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

Nexans’ facility in Halden, Norway, has manufactured the Snøhvit CO2 umbilical to Statoil’s new design. This is developed to provide a consistent and cost-efficient solution for simplified or fast track projects, such as tie-ins to existing infrastructure, or other kinds of subsea oil and gas projects. Installed at a water depth of approximately 300 metres, the Snøhvit CO2 umbilical features standard elements with minor adjustments. 

Snøhvit is both the first offshore development in the Barents Sea, and the first seafloor development where all functions in the field will be controlled from an onshore facility without surface installations. This project involves bringing natural gas to land for liquefication and export of LNG. 

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