Standardised CIP/SIP system for high cleaning quality

Paul Boughton

The standardised compact system from Bosch Packaging Technology for cleaning and sterilisation in place (CIP/SIP) is suited for pharmaceutical
containers and vessels, as well as small production accessories, including filter units, mills, pumps and hoses.

CIP/SIP systems are used for reliable and reproducible cleaning and sterilisation of machinery and equipment. This cleaning and sterilisation process is especially important to ensure highest product quality for sterile pharmaceuticals.

The modular construction of this system is designed to meet virtually all customer requirements quickly and easily.[Page Break]

The basic configuration includes a CIP tank to mix the necessary cleaning media, a flow pump, lines for PW (purified water), WFI (water for injection), clean steam, compressed air, and the required measurement, control and valve systems.

Modular design for customer-specific configurations The system can be quickly and easily configured with add-on modules to meet different customer specifications.

In addition to a self-priming return pump, a pharmaceutical-compatible heat exchanger can be integrated into the existing CIP frame. The temperature of the cleaning media is controlled via steam or electric heat exchangers. Various dosing stations for detergent concentrates and sterile air filter units used for blowing out and drying the system can be integrated.[Page Break]

“The modular design and the use of proven standard components enable a fast system configuration,” explained Volker Kempf, Project Manager at Pharmatec. “This ensures efficient project execution in the shortest possible time – even when there are additional requirements.”

Along with installation qualification (IQ), the system also enables the implementation of the operational qualification (OQ), including spray pattern control, riboflavin testing and temperature mapping (cold spot analysis). This ensures that the CIP system goes into operation very shortly after being delivered to the customer's site. [Page Break]

Cleaning efficiency is regulated by changing specific parameters. Time, temperature, concentration of the cleaning solutions and flow rate must be perfectly matched to achieve optimum results.

The Pharmatec CIP system operates at temperatures up to 90˚C with a flow rate ranging from 500 to 5,000 litres per hour. Process steps running in parallel ensure maximum cleaning quality with short cycles.

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