From the standard enclosure to the individual solution

Louise Smyth

OKW Gehäusesysteme GmbH has a versatile standard range of design-orientated plastic and extruded aluminium enclosures and tuning knobs.

However, the desire for individualisation can also be fulfilled by OKWs own in-house service centre. All conceivable technologies are used to adapt the products to specific customer requirements.

The OKW range of enclosures covers many different applications, for example handheld enclosures, wearable enclosures, wired enclosures, wall mount enclosures, flush mounting enclosures, DIN rail enclosures, desktop enclosures, table top enclosures, instrument enclosures etc.

Choose the enclosure whose design, size and configuration best meets your particular requirements.

Modern electronics packaging by OKW is characterised by ergonomic design, user-oriented functionality and high-quality moulding and finishes. In the next step you merely have to tell OKW what you still need for your own very personal product.

Customised standard enclosure

With all conceivable technologies available in-house, OKW can finish and process the plastic enclosures and adapt them to your requirements.

One possibility is mechanical processing, such as milling, drilling, tapping, stamping or engraving. A customer-specific appearance can be achieved with screen or tampo printing, for example, and digital printing directly on the enclosure is particularly impressive, since images, colour gradations and much more can be implemented in photographic quality.

With coloured lacquering in different degrees of gloss, as well as metallic and soft-touch coatings, your enclosure solution get the special look.

To protect your electronics from external interference and from own emission noise, EMC aluminium coating is possible. For the optimum operation of components, finished decor foils and membrane keypads can be integrated on request. High quality is guaranteed by certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as with UL 746C for specified plastic materials (ALVACOAT EMC aluminium coating process).

As a further service, OKW offers the assembly of accessory parts, for example cable glands, display windows and handle bars, the application of foils or additional attachment pillars.

For the simple planning of the required modifications and installations, CAD drawings or 3D models of the enclosures can be downloaded from the OKW website.