Standalone thermocouple data logger

Paul Boughton

Available from Adept Scientific, the USB-5104 is a four-channel, battery powered, thermocouple data logger from Measurement Computing Corporation. The USB-5104 features an LCD display and can be used for measuring and logging temperature in a variety of applications.

The USB-5104 measures J, K, T, E, R, S, B, or N type thermocouples and can store up to 1.9 million measurements. The USB-5104 also includes high and low alarms and a burst logging mode, allowing the logger to vary sampling intervals based on changing temperature conditions. Start, stop and restart pushbuttons make taking data easy and straightforward.

The USB-5104 is set up via the included software and a USB connection to a PC or Mac. The logger is then deployed and acquires data. The logging duration is dependent upon the selected logging interval and mode. Data can be saved to a variety of formats including .csv for Excel.

The USB-5104 is an accurate, affordable solution for stand-alone thermocouple measurements.

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