Standalone infrared linescanning system

Paul Boughton

The infrared linescanner system ScanIR3 was specially developed to create real-time thermal images in a wide variety of applications, for instance in the glass, metals, semiconductor, and plastics industry.

The linescanners are suitable for temperature monitoring of continuous processes as well as discrete manufacturing in production lines. The series comprises eight models for various spectral ranges and wide temperature ranges. Featuring built-in laser sighting, water-cooling, and an air purge housing, the rugged units withstand even the most demanding conditions
A protective enclosure enables operation at very high ambient temperatures. With a maximum optical resolution of 200:1, a scan speed of up to 150 lines per second, and up to 1.024 measurement points per line, the new Ircon linescanners are among the most precise and fastest systems in the market. Even minimal temperature non-uniformities and hot spots are detected and displayed in real time.

The ScanIR3 contains a calibrated infrared sensor that scans measurement points along a straight line by means of a motorized mirror with a 90° field of view. Thereby, a two-dimensional thermal image is generated in moving processes.

The scanner is available with a rugged processor box which is connected through a single cable with a robust one-click connector. The box features Ethernet or fibre optic interfaces (optional) as well as various analog and digital I/O options. This enables stand-alone operation without the need for an external computer and, therefore, eliminates the risk of a Windows operating system crash.

Temperature data are displayed in real time and can be made available in a network via an OPC or DDE server. The accompanying ScanView Pro software provides comprehensive parameter and analysis functions. The ScanIR3 system also contains a complete range of accessories.

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