Stainless steel compression springs

Jon Lawson

The Lee Spring range of high quality ex-stock compression springs now includes wire sizes of 2mm (0.080-in) upward in AISI 316 stainless steel which provides an enhanced degree of corrosion resistance, particularly to chloride attack. This makes the new series preferentially suited to marine environments and wash-down areas where chloride atmospheres and chemicals may be encountered.  These new wire sizes offer up to 660 Newtons or 148lbs of loading force.

These standard format springs are passivated and ultrasonically cleaned with squared and ground ends for most items. This offers greater usability and stability than non-squared and ground versions which are available to custom requirements.

Stainless steel type 316 improves corrosion resistance with the presence of molybdenum and decreased carbon content. Existing sister products continue to be available in plated music wire and AISI 302 stainless steel to suit the wider field of industrial applications.

Lee Spring compression designs are suited to many applications ranging from food processing machines and shipboard/oil and gas platforms or shoreline equipment, also internal combustion engines and large stamping presses through to major appliances and lawn mowers to medical devices, mobile phones, electronics and sensitive instrumentation equipment.