Stability, safety and easy handling

Paul Boughton

The CONTA-CLIP SRK series screw connection terminal system combines all crucial innovations in the field of electric terminal blocks terminals and thereby satisfies even very demanding quality requirements regarding stability, safety and easy handling.

The series includes SRK feed-through terminals and SSL protective earth terminals in single and double level versions as well as SSIK fuse disconnect terminals. A very versatile range of accessories is available for all terminal types.

The feed-through standard models are available for a wide range of cross sections between 0,2 mm² to 120 mm², the corresponding earth terminals between 0,2 to 70 mm². Terminal sizes for diameters up to 10 mm² are identical, which allows for the use of uniform cover and partition plates. This also applies to the space-saving double level versions of SRKD and SSLD feed-through and protective earth terminals, which are available for wire cross sections between 0.2 mm² and 10 mm² and with 2x2 or 1x4 connections.

The SSIK fuse disconnect terminal with screw connection system features a hinged disconnect lever that locks in its end position and accommodates a spare fuse. They are available as SSIK 4 models for microfuse types 5 x 20, 5 x 25, 5 x 30 and as SSIK 6 models for fuse types 6.3 x 25 and 6.3 x 32 can be optionally equipped with an LED status display.

A large wire entry bay ensures a quick insertion of solid and flexible wires with or without wire-end ferrules in all terminals. Since rated cross sections are specified for the connection of flexible wires with wire-end ferrules, solid conductors without sleeves of the next largest cross section can be contacted as well.

Due to the clamping yoke system, a high contact force and contact reliability with a low contact resistance are ensured: it indirectly pulls the wire onto the bus bar over the screw and the clamping yoke, which is electrogalvanised, thick-layer passivated and made from hardened steel.

In addition, the screws are captive and the optimised foot construction guarantees a flawless snap-on function and shock- and vibration-resistant hold on mounting rail types TS 35 x 7.5 and TS 35 x 15.

To ensure a maximum of mechanical and electrical safety, the earth terminals have a PE foot contact on both sides and can be snapped onto the rails with no need for screws.

All metal parts, ie screws, clamping yokes, bus bars and PE feet, are securely integrated into the torsion resistant housing. Made from PA 6.6 V0 polyamide, the insulation housings are self-extinguishing, contain no harmful substances and withstand temperatures between -40°C and +120°C. Insulation housings of the SSIK fuse disconnect terminals made from glass-fibre reinforced polyamide withstand an even wider temperature range from -40°C to +140°C.

Standard SRK feed-through terminals for wire cross sections between 2.5 mm² and 10 mm² and SSIK fuse disconnect terminals are equipped with a double cross connection channel. Due to this feature, the potentials can be horizontally distributed in a row of terminals with the help of an SQI cross connector.

Designed for rated voltage/rated current loads, connectors are available with 2 to 10 poles and with 30 poles. A straightedge inside the insulated housing of 30-pole versions allows users to count out poles more easily. For skip bridging, individual contact elements can be easily removed. Cross connections can be cut shorter as required, touch safety of the cut uninsulated side is then re-established with the SQIK insulator cap.

For an easy and permanent labelling of terminals, the identification systems PMC SB, PMC BSTR and MC are available. To attach markers, standard terminals are equipped with up to four marker bars. The extensive accessory range includes rails, mechanical mounting parts and end supports, group marker holders, end plates and covers.