Springs and rings get smaller

Jon Lawson

From medical devices to electronics, the world around us is getting smaller. One of the questions that TFC engineers hear all the time is "How small can you go?”

The company is pleased to announce that Smalley’s newly expanded manufacturing capabilities now allow it to design and manufacture wave springs and Spirolox retaining rings down to 4mm (0.165”) diameters.

For over 50 years, TFC’s engineers have pushed the limits on coiling technology. Smalley’s Crest-to-Crest wave springs originated nearly 35 years ago with the promise of space savings and continue to provide spring height reductions of nearly 50% compared to standard coil springs. “We are now able to offer engineers space-saving capabilities in applications and industries that have long sought the use of our technology,” states Simon Ward, TFC’s Product Manager.

How small do you need? TFC’s engineering team continue to push the coiling limits. Why not challenge them to see if they can design a ring or spring for your application? 

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