Spotlight on manufacturing sensor innovations

Nicola Brittain

New sensor equipment promises to increase efficiency for plant operators.

Multi-sensor metrology is key for many process industry sectors, particularly those in the aerospace, automotive and medical equipment verticals since their manufactured parts typically need to be measured to ensure they meet the original design intent.

Industrial metrology equipment can also improve the traceability of quality process as well as adherence to industrial standards.

What is multi-sensor metrology

This technology integrates and uses multiple sensors to collect the critical dimensions and complex properties of a component part in a single program. Each sensor is designed to capture specific aspects of the feature being measured and these measurements allow for a comprehensive and accurate assessment and reporting related to the component.

Multi-sensor metrology uses a variety of contact and non-contact sensors to achieve the most detailed and accurate measurements of a component.

Non-contact sensors (optics and lasers) measure the component’s linear dimensions and 3D profiles to capture and analyse data. 

Contact sensors (also known as touch probes) physically touch the object in order to measure features that optical and non-contact sensors may not be able to see (these might be internal features or side profiles on volumetric parts).

Multi-system measurement specialist OGP UK, owned by the Carfulan group and one of the largest manufacturers of this type of technology, recently launched a hat trick of new products in this space - the Fusion 400, the Shapegrabber Ai620 and the E-Series E7, a spokesperson for the company says that they provide “unprecedented levels of accuracy.”

The Fusion 400

This product is a multi-sensor measurement system with a 400 x 300 x 250mm measuring range, designed for precision in high-volume production environments.

The product has dual optical paths, facilitating instant magnification changes for transitions between a broad viewing field and high magnification for complex feature measurements in quality assurance applications. The product’s robust cast base, and granite surface plate and compound stage, ensures exceptional built-in measurement stability to support precise measurements, according to the company.

The Ai620

The Ai620 has been designed to measure the surface of complex-shaped plastic, metal and 3D-printed parts in minutes. The scanner collects 1.5 million data points per second and relies on a 360° rotary table and vertical motion. The SG198 scanhead moves vertically on a high-precision motion assembly.

The product has also been designed to perform an initial scan and can use the same scanning parameters for subsequent parts, ensuring consistent results regardless of operator skill or experience.

The E Series E7

The E Series E7 is a fully automatic, fixed lens, 3-axis video measurement system with a fitted multi-sensor measurement technology and precision in-video measurement performance. The fitted SmartRing light provides surface illumination integrated with an all-LED backlight and coaxial surface light. The E7 provides a comprehensive lighting solution, guaranteeing every detail is well illuminated.

Chris Fulton, joint managing director of the Carfulan Group, said: ““I don’t think we’ve ever had so much new technology to showcase in the UK and we cannot wait to demonstrate these products to our customers - all of which will help them reduce downtime and waste, improve quality and boost output.”



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