Spherical 360˚ camera

Louise Smyth

FLIR Systems announces the availability of the FLIR Ladybug5+ (LD5P-U3-51S5C), its latest version of the Ladybug series of 360˚ spherical camera systems.

The LD5P-U3-51S5C captures 30 Megapixel (MP) images covering 90% of a full sphere at 30 frames per second (FPS) for 8k30 video while providing superior image quality.

It can also deliver 60 FPS at half-height resolution for or 4k60 video. It is suitable for applications including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), entertainment, news, sports, event coverage, and other immersive experiences.

Key features include:

* Six 5MP Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS sensors provide exceptional image quality across a broad range of applications and conditions

* Spatial accuracy of 2 mm at 10m

* High dynamic range of 70dB

* Low read noise of 2e- for superb low-light performance

* Operating temperature range of -20° to 50°C

* IP65 rating against moisture & dust for real-world reliability

* Feature-rich SDK for easy acquisition, recording, processing, and exporting of spherical content

All FLIR Ladybug systems perform the image acquisition, processing, stitching, and correction necessary to integrate multiple camera images into full-resolution digital spherical and panoramic videos, live.