Specialist software for filter systems

Paul Boughton

SpinTek, a manufacturer of filters and coalescers for high-volume organic separations in the SX/EW circuit for mining process streams, now has an answer to the industry’s current struggle to modernise operations, control costs and increase productivity: StreamScan.

This specialised software gives SpinTek engineers secure virtual access to solvent extraction (SX) dual-media filter systems and coalescing filters at hundreds of remote sites worldwide. The secure remote access gateway program interacts directly with system components to solve troubleshooting issues through modifications and on-demand reporting, and establish alarm profiles and updates – avoiding expensive service calls.

Plant managers can now increase productivity and enhance filter performance with sophisticated tools for data collection and logging to analyse filter performance in real time, averting potential upset conditions and costly downtime.

Dual-media filter installations currently using StreamScan software include: Chelopech Mining, Bulgaria; Newmont Phoenix Copper, Nevada, USA; Horsehead, North Carolina, USA; Achit-Ikht, Mongolia; Aktogay, Kazakhstan; and Tomomorcho, Peru.

The company utilises this software not only in mining but also to increase productivity in oily water and oil field applications.

For more information, www.engineerlive.com/epe

SpinTek Filtration is based in is based in California, USA. 

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