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Roger Bours highlights a range of reliable and cost-effective operations in oil and gas.

Around the world, customers demand reliable performance from tools used in drilling, completion and production of oil and gas. Whether the application is onshore or offshore, topside or downhole, upstream, midstream or refinery, suppliers in this sector require a high level of expertise if they are to succeed.

Fike’s innovative and reliable pressure-activated products are responsible for significant improvements to drilling, completion and production operations in downhole operations. The company has pioneered the use of rupture/burst disc technology to create innovative devices that provide superior performance over less precise technologies.

Hydraulic tubing drains for use with deep hole drilling tools, downhole devices and other oil and off shore drilling applications provide an accurate method to equalise the fluid level in tubing strings, without mechanical manipulation. HTD rupture discs, used as standard equipment, drastically reduce the frequency of stuck tubing strings, having to pull wet strings and other oil field equipment and tubing concerns.

Cost-effective hydraulic tubing drain rupture discs offer a number of benefits, including: providing a positive indication of open drain; eliminating unreliable, shear pin devices; and resisting corrosion for increased reliability and cost-efficiency.

Meanwhile conventional pre-bulged rupture discs  are popular for a number of oilfield pressure relief applications. For instance, separator process vessels are known to experience overpressure conditions that could lead to dangerous, even catastrophic, events. The versatile Fike CPD rupture disc provides for depressurisation of vessels, emergency relief of processing equipment and disposal of vapours by vent. And the installation of the rupture disc can protect typical wellhead hook-ups when flow lines become plugged or if valves are inadvertently closed.

The CPD rupture disc has no moving parts, making it reliable under even severe operating conditions, and offers a sub-millisecond response time for critical pressure relief. The rugged CPD rupture disc is ideal for pressure relief protection and pressure activation in many oilfield applications, including separators, storage tanks, filtration systems, water knockouts and in wellhead protection.

Rupture disc holders

For safety performance and easy installation/breakdown in oil field applications, select Hammer Union and Union Type rupture disc holders for pressure relief needs.

Hammer Union rupture disc holder, or Wing Nut Union, is designed for installation locations that are hard to reach. The proven design allows for quick, easy installation and dismantling of units. Built to withstand the force of a hammer for optimal field use, the Hammer Union is superior in surface production and drilling operation applications.

Designed to accept a Fike CPD rupture disc, the Hammer Union rupture disc holder features a 30° angular seating surface.And it is this feaure that provides the compression necessary to clamp the rupture disc securely into place. The holder will also accept most discs using the industry standard 30° seat.

The Union Type rupture disc holder is a three-piece unit consisting of a base flange (inlet), a holddown flange (outlet) and a union nut. The 30° angular seating surfaces of these holders are machined to grip conventional pre-bulged P/CPV series and HO/HOV series rupture discs. The base and holddown flanges grip the rupture disc while the union nut provides the compression necessary to create a metal-to-metal seal. These rupture disc holders can be incorporated into a pressure system by welded or threaded connections, or any combination of the two.

Downhole power generation tools

Using a variety of propellants, Fike has formed an exclusive line of power generation tools. As a result of innovative, gas-generating technology, the company can help provide power to downhole devices, deep hole drilling tools and other oil field applications.

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