Solid state GaN power amplifiers

Jon Lawson

Fairview Microwave releases a brand new line of solid state GaN (Gallium Nitride) amplifiers. These new GaN power amplifiers offer designers a solution of off-the-shelf components, typically requiring months of lead time to acquire.

The rugged connectorised amplifier designs from Fairview have the advantage of high output load impedance that offers easier impedance matching over wider bandwidths using lower loss components. The high thermal conductivity of Gallium Nitride helps to dissipate heat more effectively which results in amplifier designs that have significantly higher output power levels over broadband and narrowband frequencies. Common applications include commercial and military radar, jamming systems, medical imaging, communications and electronic warfare.

Fairview’s newest offering of GaN RF amplifiers includes models that feature very high gain levels from 43 to 60 dB across mostly broad frequency bands ranging from 30MHz to 7.5GHz. Saturated output power levels range from 10 watts to 100 watts with up to 35% Power Added Efficiency (PAE).

All of the high power GaN amplifiers from Fairview have single voltage supplies which are internally regulated. The 50 ohm input/output matched designs are adaptable to a range of power and modulation requirements. These GaN solid state power amplifiers also show impressive harmonic response (-15 to -20 dBc) under worst case conditions. This selection of GaN amplifiers are designed to withstand environmental conditions such as humidity, altitude, shock and vibration. Some models are also equipped with integrated heat sinks and cooling fans. Most designs are EAR99.

Fairview’s new GaN amplifiers are in-stock and ready to ship today.