Solid metal stainless steel connections

Paul Boughton

The Eisele INOXLINE is a complete assortment of stainless steel connections for compressed air, vacuum, gases, liquids and cooling water.

The products include threaded connections with no dead zones or joints, which are designed according to stringent hygiene requirements and for easy cleaning. They are suitable for circuits with sensitive substances or frequent changing of media.

Series 17 of the Eisele INOXLINE includes push-in connectors with a release sleeve and one seal. All connections are manufactured from stainless steel 1.4301/1.4307. This material offers excellent protection against corrosion and high chemical resistance, for example against many acidic liquids. The push-in connections feature high-quality FPM seals as standard equipment. On request they can also be equipped with FDA-compliant seals to fulfil special hygiene requirements. On the side with the screw-in threads, the push-in connectors are sealed with an enclosed O-ring.

The dead zone-free threaded connection implemented by Eisele in series 1600/3600 is patented and has a user-friendly design. The 3800 series low dead zone connections enable even faster mounting.

For these connections, adaptation of the hose is not necessary. These connectors are joint-free and provide a high-quality solution for applications that do not have to fulfil the most stringent requirements.

Both series are designed for use with liquid media. While product purity is decisive for paints and lacquers, hygienic aspects are central in the case of foods and pharmaceuticals. In all cases, easy and extremely thorough cleaning of the media circuit is necessary, to enable fast changing of media.