Solar PV micro inverters 'out-perform string inverters'

1st February 2013

Enecsys, a provider of solar micro inverter systems, will exhibit its family of solar PV micro inverters and monitoring systems at booth 511 at Solar Power International, October 18th-20th, in the Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Compared with solar PV installations that use string inverters, micro inverters deliver 5 per cent to 20 per cent greater energy harvest over the system lifetime by applying Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to each solar module to optimise energy harvest.

As a result, there is no dramatic reduction in system output when a solar module, or part of a module, has its output reduced by shading or build-up of surface debris. This is because each solar module and its connected micro inverter act as an independent AC generator that is connected in parallel, and not in series as they would be in a string inverter based system.

Enecsys micro inverters are based on a patented design that eliminates electrolytic capacitors, the most life-limiting component in other
inverters, and replaces them with long-life film capacitors. As a result, Enecsys micro inverters deliver full performance from -40˚ to 85˚C ambient temperature, operate at up to 96 per cent efficiency, and come with a 20-year warranty. Competitive products usually have warranties that limit operation to a maximum ambient temperature of 65˚C, a restriction that in many locations can invalidate warranties. Operating in real-world conditions behind solar modules on rooftops, the ambient temperature is often above this range.

In addition to micro inverters that connect to single solar modules, Enecsys Duo models, available in 360W and 480W versions, will also be
on display. These Duo models support fully distributed MPPT of the two connected solar modules and convert their DC output to grid-compliant
AC power. Enecsys Duo micro inverters make the capital cost of micro inverter-based solar PV installations comparable to those based on
string inverters.

Additional benefits of Enecsys micro inverters include easier system design and installation, improved safety for installers and firefighters due to the elimination of dangerous high voltage DC wiring, and the ability to locally or remotely monitor, in real time, the performance of individual solar modules. Using the Enecsys Internet Gateway, such monitoring can be conducted from any computer or iPhone connected to the Internet - this capability will also be demonstrated at the show.

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