Software simulates train crashes

Paul Boughton

New train crash simulation software helps evaluate options for various energy absorption methods used in bolt on devices, including couplers, buffers, anti-climbers and other crush elements.

Oleo 1D Rail software has been developed by crash energy management (CEM) experts Oleo International and is being localised for overseas markets with the help of language expert Comtec Translations.
Oleo 1D Rail is used for investigating the sensitivity of a whole train CEM system for collision response and was launched in Shanghai, China at this year’s CTRS show.

The software has flexible inputs to allow a specific train to be modelled and various collision scenarios simulated. Hydraulic units are then selected from a library of designs and characteristics of linear devices such as rubber, elastomer and deformation tubes. The software reflects the specific geometry accommodating the coupler, buffers and anti-climbers for each vehicle in the rake. Once the basic train and its energy management have been set up, it is possible to run various collision scenarios including train into terminal, train into stationary train, and train into moving train.     
Comtec Translations has been instrumental in helping to bring this software to the Chinese market; a country with impressive high speed rail investment. China currently has close to 10,000km of rail investment reportedly in operation and plans in place to expand the network to 50,000km by 2020.
Oleo already has a manufacturing base in China but has maximised its presence in the country with the launch of Oleo 1D Rail. Providing specialist technical translators, Comtec localised the software for the Chinese market. In addition, a Chinese website was set up to host the simulation software. Oleo’s existing sales material, including brochures and leaflets were also translated into Chinese ready for Oleo to launch the software at CTRS in Shanghai.
This considered approach to translation has enabled Oleo to deliver on its strap line: ‘Leading the world in energy absorption’ as the company continues to develop its strong presence in international markets with the launch of this new software.

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