Soak up the solar energy

Paul Boughton

Thermal fluid specialist Global Heat Transfer has launched its first non-toxic heat transfer fluid for solar applications, Globaltherm Omnipure.

The new, high performance, thermal fluid also boasts low flammability, making solar applications safer, while also reducing insurance and maintenance costs.

Globaltherm Omnipure is a non-fouling, non toxic  and odourless thermal fluid designed specifically for concentrated solar plants, PET and plastics production and chemical applications.

Concentrated solar power systems generate solar power by using mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight, or solar thermal energy, onto a small area. The heat transfer fluid is use to either drive a conventional steam turbine or heat a storage medium.

Globaltherm Omnipure has exemplary thermal oxidation stability, which allows it to operate at temperatures of up to 326˚C for extended periods. Its stable chemical composition makes the fluid non-hazardous, increasing the safety features of thermal transfer applications for the solar energy market. This in turn can significantly reduce a company’s insurance expenses and increases staff safety levels and environmental issues.

Globaltherm Omnipure’s outstanding thermal oxidation stability also means it is less prone to thermal cracking and oxidation, the two main culprits for the degradation of heat transfer fluid over time. This results in lower maintenance costs, reducing the frequency of heat transfer fluid top-ups and minimising expensive downtime.

Combined with a continuous thermal fluid maintenance plan like Thermocare, Globaltherm Omnipure can help companies save more than 75% on maintenance costs.

“One of the main advantages of concentrated solar plants is that they make solar-generated electric energy available even when the sun isn’t shining,” explains Clive Jones, managing director of Global Heat Transfer. “The technology is on the rise, with regions like the United States, South America, South Africa and the Middle East leading the way. Globaltherm Omnipure is a non-toxic thermal fluid that makes CSP applications more efficient and safer, two features that are crucial for the success and wide adoption of any new technology.”