Smart remote I/O with front-end control logic

Paul Boughton

Moxa’s ioLogik 2500 is a new remote I/O controller that combines networking, automation and operational intelligence in one single, compact device. This concept not only saves additional costly cabinet equipment; it even allows the I/O controller to manage communication by itself and take appropriate action based on the controller’s key task, data acquisition and control, without endangering the operational intelligence.

ioLogik 2500 is designed for almost any distributed and remote I/O application. Unlike traditional passive I/Os that have to poll for data, when used with Moxa’s MX-AOPC UA Server, the ioLogik 2500 series will communicate with SCADA systems using active messaging that is pushed to the central server only when state changes or configured events occur. This event-based messaging technology immediately conveys alarms to the relevant decision makers. In addition, it saves costs for data traffic by sending required data packets only  and it reduces both large amounts of (public) IP addresses and the amount of wasteful data.

The controller can be integrated into the Ethernet infrastructure via 802.11 a/b/g/i Wi-Fi, Five-Band UMTS/HSPA+ or Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE mobile networking with two SIM card slots or simply via LAN. Furthermore, it hosts a 4-port unmanaged switch; one of whose ports can be used to expand the available onboard mixed I/O combination with additional or different types of I/O, as required. In this way, up to eight additional ioLogik E1200 modules can be attached in a daisy-chain under the controller’s (public) IP address. Two built-in 3-in-1 serial RJ45 ports can either act as serial gateways, Modbus/RTU masters or serial tags controllers.

When using Moxa´s OPC UA suite, extensive data logs can be stored onto a 32 GB microSD card and then be transmitted as required for later in-depth data analysis.

ioLogik 2500 comes with complimentary software suite allowing efficient configuration and programming of the logic,

The ioLogik 2500 comes with a complimentary software suite allowing a simple and most efficient configuration and programming of the logic, as well as deployment and maintenance support. The IOxpress suite enables operators to graphically configure, program and simulate the control logic even without having any device or wiring present. 

Moxa´s next generation Click&Go Plus programming logic allows an even easier programming of the control logic across all connected I/O channels, defining alarm behaviour, peer-to-peer connections and data logging.