Smart glasses redefine safety standards for frontline miners

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Operational safety, trained workers and efficient mining processes result in less downtime and higher productivity, Benedikt Eckert argues.

In the face of global competition, cost-efficient production is at the top of the agenda in modern mining operations. Safety, predictive maintenance and fast response times in the event of malfunctions – without major downtimes – are particularly important issues in the context of digitalisation in mining. How can processes be organised more effectively during operation, safety guaranteed, and plant productivity increased?

A comprehensive tool from the industrial sector is now also available as a brand new intrinsically safe ATEX/IECEx M1 version. The Realwear Navigator Z1 head-mounted wearable from Mobile and RealWear is redefining smart glasses for frontline workers in mining as an essential tool, bringing revolutionary changes in operational safety and efficiency to mining processes.

Improving safety and efficiency

The Navigator Z1 is designed for troubleshooting equipment via remote expert guidance, virtual training and for workers using Field Services Management (FSM) or streamlined inspection data management systems (IDMS). Even in noisy mining environments the Navigator Z1 ensures safe and intuitive communication in real time by voice recognition for fully hands-free use up to 100dBA. The Android-based smart glasses are also equipped with a powerful chipset with AI engine, a high-resolution display and a 48MP camera; the battery is rechargeable and replaceable.

A powerful training tool, the Navigator Z1 allows miners to practice safety procedures and equipment operation in a controlled environment. This not only enhances the effectiveness of training, but also increases employees’ understanding and compliance with safety procedures. Its modular design makes it universally applicable. From machine maintenance to (also remotely guided) safety inspections, the Navigator Z1 enables quick response to any operational challenge, reducing shutdowns and increasing overall productivity.

In summary, the Navigator Z1 is not just a tablet – it is a comprehensive tool that transforms the way the mining industry works. It improves safety, facilitates communication, enhances training and provides greater operational efficiency, making it an indispensable piece of equipment for any modern mine.

Benedikt Eckert is Channel Distribution Manager & Global Key Account at Mobile.

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