Smart and reliable valve automation

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AUMA Profox actuators ensure reliable chilled water supply in the district cooling network of Qatar Cool, one of the leading district cooling suppliers in the Middle East. The Profox actuators replace actuators of a different brand which, although only a few years old, did not stand up to the process conditions.

The Profox actuators proved to be the perfect solution for the challenging requirements of Qatar Cool, thanks to their high-quality, high-precision mechanics and their innovative design.

A key benefit for the customer is easy operation of the actuators via Bluetooth, using the Auma Assistant App. This means that the actuators can be easily operated locally, even though they are installed at a height that is difficult to access. In addition, the Fox-Eye indicator light clearly shows the actuator status, even from a distance.

Auma launched the new electric actuator series only last year. Providing fast and precise positioning, great flexibility and an excellent cost-benefit ratio, the high-performance, compact actuators are suitable for all industry sectors, including water treatment, combined heat and power plants, district heating and cooling, process industries, and shipbuilding.

In addition, Innovative diagnostics and flexible interfaces future-proof Profox for IIoT applications.

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