‘Smallest’ MID compliant energy meters

Paul Boughton

The latest MID-compliant energy meter from Carlo Gavazzi is the smallest device in the industry to offer direct three-phase connection up to 65A. Just four DIN modules wide, the EM23 DIN is also simple to use and easy to install, providing comprehensive and accurate measurements for energy cost sharing, cost allocation and utility metering applications.
Direct connection eliminates the need to install current transformers and, with simple configuration using the front panel joystick, no programming is required. The meter is self-powered and gives a warning in the event of reverse phase sequencing. Its anti-tamper features enable installations to comply fully with the EU Measuring Instruments Directive, annex MI-003.
Active and reactive measurements are displayed on the LCD display, which provides three digits for instantaneous variables and 6+1 digits for energy measurements. Measurements include system variables (W, var, Phase-sequence), single phase current, total kWh and kvarh energy measurements, and TRMS measurements of distorted sine waves for voltages and currents. Accuracy is specified as ±0.5 RDG for current/voltage and the meter is rated Class 1 (kWh) according to EN62053-21, Class B (kWh) according to EN50470-3, and Class 2 (kvarh) according to EN62053-23.
Pulse output is provided for easy and quick transmission of energy values to PLCs, enabling data to be used for example in load priority management programs.
The EM23 DIN operates from -25 degreesC to 55degrees C and is protected to IP50 against dust and moisture ingress. Electromagnetic compatibility is specified according to EN62052-11, with radio frequency suppression to CISPR 22 standards. The unit also carries CE approval.
For more information, www.carlogavazzi.co.uk