Small industrial subracks for control cabinets

Paul Boughton

For small measurement, control and instrumentation units that are built into control cabinets along with a PLC controller, Pentair has developed a compact Schroff industrial subrack. This is based on the established europacPRO platform of 19-in subracks and is 3U high, 205mm deep and just 28HP wide.

The mounting brackets of the subrack feature keyholes for easy fixing to the mounting plate on which appropriate bolts or screws are provided. The subrack is available with or without a rear hood. A drilled plate is inserted to provide a top cover. A bolt-on cover plate is also available as an option.

The new industrial subrack is available in two versions - one version is prepared to accommodate a backplane, while the other is designed for the use of connectors. Fitted with a suitable backplane, power supply unit and ventilation unit, this subrack can be used, for example, as a small CompactPCI system with up to five plug-in boards.

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