Small chemical automatic weighing

Paul Boughton

The Smart Cart System developed by John P Waterhouse Co Ltd is an automatic weighing system for small chemical weighments.

The system is capable of delivering a blend of raw materials, in programmed proportions, directly into low melt EVA bags.

The system based on a modular design, can be configured for a seemingly ‘infinite’ number of materials and provides weighing accuracies of typically ±3gms over an active range of 100gms to 10kg. Normal throughputs of 1 to 2 bags per minute are readily achieved.

The equipment utilises on-line bag making, ink jet printing and heat sealing to provide a total and complete automatic small chemical weighing system. Operator intervention required only for refilling of the raw material bins and removal of the completed crates of sealed bags.

System control and monitoring is provided by integrated PLC and PC controls offering full recipe, management and control functionality.

This specialist equipment is complemented by full batch weighing options for carbon blacks, white fillers, liquids and polymers which together with total control will provide the ideal solution for both mixing room automation and beyond. 

John P Waterhouse Co Ltd is based in Basford, Nottingham, UK.


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