SIPOS Aktorik

The established global actuator supplier

In 2009, SIPOS Aktorik celebrated its tenth anniversary. A previous track record as part of Siemens gives the company a history in the actuation industry that dates back over 100 years. In 1999, Siemens AG outsourced its electric actuator subdivision including employees, expertise, documentation and production facilities: since that date, SIPOS has operated worldwide as a successful, independent company.

The company has set itself apart in its support for valve control applications with a number of unique product features for its actuators, including soft start capability.

 SIPOS' product range comprises:

  • The SIPOS 5 Flash range

  • Nuclear actuators

  • Solar systems

  • SIMA Masterstations

  • Double motor actuators

Emphasis is placed on customer support and SIPOS takes pride in providing a first-class service worldwide: the company's success adopting this philosophy has resulted in continuous growth and, in 2006, the decision was made to invest in building its own premises at Altdorf near Nuremberg, Germany. The company relocated to the new, purpose-built facility which is striking architecturally and practical operationally. SIPOS' state-of-the-art 6,000 sq metre premises house sophisticated production and packing technology dedicated to global product distribution. The site also contains R&D facilities and central administration functions.
Commenting on the company's growth, service emphasis and investment in purpose built premises, Sales Director, Felix Metzenthin said: "Service has always been central to SIPOS' work ethic. Our new facility, with sophisticated production process and laboratories, supports our objective of providing outstanding quality, availability and performance. Ten years ago, we had a workforce of 39 people. Today, we have more than doubled our number of staff, with 85 people on our payroll." The strong service ethos is reflected in the support provided by SIPOS' international network of agents and distributors.

Leading the field
The company has become a major player on the international actuation market and reports a growing global market for its products and services, including increasing demand from China. A 30% increase in sales was achieved in 2008 over the previous year and an additional eleven people were recruited. Growth has led to SIPOS establishing an international network of distributors in all continents.

Dr Matthias Rebhan, who is both General Manager and Head of Research for SIPOS Aktorik, has been a dynamic force over the last decade managing the team that is developing the company's presence on the global actuator market. Dr Rebhan and his team are clear that, aside from high quality technical actuation solutions, a strong focus on customer service is essential for the organisation's continued success. This philosophy has been at the heart of the company's development and is the focus of its forward plan for ongoing expansion on the international actuation arena.

Executive information:
General Manager, Matthias Rebhan

Sales Director, Felix Metzenthin


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