Single source monitoring of compressed air

Paul Boughton

With its new flow meters for measuring compressed air consumption, and their time-tested dew point sensors, E+E Elektronik offers a complete package of meters for monitoring compressed air.

Compressed air is the most expensive form of energy in production plants. Only by constantly monitoring compressed air can operating costs be reduced and around-the-clock availability be ensured. It is not always necessary to invest in new compressors in order to reduce expensive compressed air costs. The right investment decisions can only be made if accurate information is available regarding the consumption and quality of compressed air.

The EE771, EE772 and EE776 flow meters provide an accurate means of measuring consumption throughout compressed air networks, from the compressor to the end consumer. The thermal mass flow meters directly measure mass flow or volumetric flow, regardless of pressure and temperature.

The EE371 and EE375 dew point sensors make a significant contribution to ensuring the quality of expensive plant and the goods they produce. An integral auto-calibration procedure compensates for the usual drift effects and enables dew points down to -60°C (76°F) to be measured.

Innovative assembly concepts ensure simple, inexpensive and, above all, safe assembly. Flow meters and dew point sensors can therefore be installed in one and the same access point utilizing the MultiController valve. The flow meters can be rapidly installed and removed during operation. This results in low maintenance costs and is a useful feature for periodic quality control and calibration.

The varied designs and configuration options of the meters mean they can be adapted to any measurement task.