Single rod live-line capacitor assemblies

Paul Boughton

Morgan Advanced Materials is extending its electro ceramics portfolio, with the launch of a new range of single rod live-line capacitor assemblies for use on system voltages up to 36kV.

The new range is constructed from ceramic dielectric materials that exhibit a high ac breakdown strength, enabling them to operate continuously on a 36kV system line, and a negligible change of capacitance with applied voltage. They also offer a significant volumetric efficiency saving over designs where two rods are connected in series to meet voltage test requirements.

Live-line capacitors are built into capacitor divider circuits which are connected to medium system voltage lines where they are used to sense the presence of voltage. The signal derived from the low voltage side of the capacitor divider can also be used to monitor supply failure and circuit conditions.  

Building on the Morgan’s 24kV system capacitors the new range complies with all qualification and routine production tests as detailed in IEC60358. These include a power frequency test to 70kV RMS/min, the ability to withstand a lightning impulse of 170kVpeak and partial discharge capability of less than 5pC at 40 kV RMS.

The range boasts a capacitance range of 15pF – 80pF with dimensions (including two brass terminals) 17mm diameter x 81mm in length.

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