Simplifying maintenance with new drive communication cards

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The ADV200 is a scalable, high-performance variable speed drive

Motors, drives and gearboxes manufacturer WEG has launched new communication cards for ADV200 drives to simplify commissioning and maintenance, as well as remote access for service operations, bringing significant benefits in terms of efficiency, reduced infrastructure complexity and cost reduction.

The EXP-ETH-xxx-ADV200 cards integrate seamlessly with the most advanced industrial Ethernet-based fieldbus systems, enabling fast and reliable peer-to-peer communication and remote access.

"Variable speed drives are the key to increasing the efficiency, performance and reliability of motor-driven systems across most industrial environments,” said Umberto Del Grande, Head of Product Marketing at WEG Automation Europe. “Seamless access to data enables optimal drive and system operation. The EXP-ETH2-XX-ADV200 communication cards help OEMs access the data required for installation, commissioning and maintenance of multiple drives more efficiently and reliably, boosting uptime and reducing costs."

The ADV200

The ADV200 is a scalable, high-performance variable speed drive that simplifies integration into system architectures thanks to its modular design. The drive is designed for high-tech applications, from metal manufacturing and paper machinery to plastics industry and hoisting systems.

The EXP-ETH2-XX-ADV200 offers machine builders and system integrators maximum flexibility when fitting ADV200 drives. The card is compatible with multiple industrial Ethernet protocols, including Profinet, Ethernet-IP and Ethercat, simplifying the integration of ADV200 drives into most industrial networks.

Reduced installation time and costs are among the main advantages of EXP-ETH2-XX-ADV200 cards. Typically, the installation of multiple units with different Ethernet protocols requires additional cabling for data transfer, resulting in upfront and installation costs. The new communication cards eliminate these costs by managing multiple protocols and drives on a single cable. The cards exchange data with a PLC via Profinet or Ethernet/IP and simultaneously communicate with external devices with Modbus TCP. 

The EXP-ETH2-XX-ADV200 card also simplifies drive commissioning through peer-to-peer communication.  The card can be connected to a local PC, enabling installers to commission multiple drives from a single platform, maximising machine uptime and reducing costs.

Connecting to a remote PC enables maintenance engineers to monitor the drives’ health status while predicting and addressing potential faults from any location. This smart approach to maintenance reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary time on-site while boosting machine uptime and life span. Users can gain access to all the functionalities and programming tools included in the WEG_eXpress configurator and the digital oscilloscope software SoftScope 3.

The new communication cards offer greater reliability and speed. The advanced microprocessors used reduce power consumption and allow a stable connection, preventing data loss. The cards allow fast data exchange with the PLC, achieving a latency rate of one millisecond (ms), making the ADV200 drive suitable for applications requiring highly dynamic control.

The drive-to-PLC interface is intuitive, enabling quick and easy access to all ADV200’s parameters and functions. This allows engineers to easily configure drives for multiple applications.

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