Silicone rubber-coated isolation tube for marine diesel engine fuel pipes

Paul Boughton

Simrit has announced the availability of a new silicone-coated isolation rubber tube used on heavy fuel pipes in large marine diesel engines. The isolation tube is the first pipe isolation to combine thick braided glass fibre yarn impregnated with dark grey silicone rubber.

The diesel engine heavy fuel oil is extremely hot with a temperature of 160°C. By reducing the pipe surface temperature from a level of 140° to about 60°C the highly isolating properties provide effective burn protection for marine industry personnel.

Fuel pipes used for transportation of thick and viscous heavy fuel oil used for large marine two stroke diesel engines often reach surface temperatures of 140°C. Industrial pipe isolation protects the personnel against burns from the extremely hot pipelines while reducing heat energy losses. This new type of pipe isolation developed by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies - Simrit represents a big step in securing marine occupational safety with a robust and flexible design.

Conventional pipe isolation is often made of very thick fibre isolation mats with a paper thin aluminium coating which are non-isolating at pipe-joints and usually not very flexible around pipe bends. It also encompasses the risk of breaking apart and exposing the pipe surface if unintentionally being hard-pressed or stepped upon.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies – Simrit’s new dark grey coloured isolation tube with silicone rubber impregnation is very durable and robust and at the same time very flexible and easy to install. The highly isolating properties provide effective burn protection for personnel by reducing the temperature of the heavy fuel piping from 140°C to about 60° to secure a safe working environment.

The isolation tube has a multilayer design. The inner layer consists of thick heat resistant braided fibreglass yarn and the outer coating consists of durable silicone rubber. The isolating fibreglass material is isolated by the silicone rubber coating which minimises the risk of uptake of oil or other flammable liquids which makes it diesel and chemically resistant, oil resistant and completely fire resistant. The tube for a 35mm pipe dimension is 52mm thick and heat resistant up to 250°C.

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