Shell contract doubles turnover for Aberdeen-based company

Paul Boughton

Craig International Supplies (CIS) has been awarded new contracts with Shell that will almost double the turnover of its business. The contracts will increase the international reach and buying power of the procurement division of Scottish family-owned energy services and shipping firm, Craig Group. The contract awards were announced on Monday 5th of May at OTC in Houston, the world’s largest annual oil and gas show.

Operating globally, CIS is recognised as the largest, privately owned European procurement and trading house for the oil and gas industry. The Aberdeen-based company has been awarded contracts by Shell for procurement services in North America and Canada. The new business, along with contract wins in Europe, will see CIS’s turnover double to almost £100 million in the next 12 months, the opening of a new office in Calgary and the creation of several full-time jobs.

Jill MacDonald, CIS joint managing director, said: “These are very significant, high value contracts not only for products but for procurement services, which will open the door to new opportunities for us with all the major players in Calgary. As a result, our turnover is projected to double – taking it close to £100 million and making us one of the biggest providers of procurement services in the region.”

CIS provides an extensive range of products and services to the global oil and gas industry in 55 countries. Its significant buying power of £8 million a month allows the company to make major savings that are passed on to customers, creating competitive advantage.

Douglas Craig, Craig Group chairman and managing director, said: “Securing this contract is a major milestone in the global expansion of CIS. We are focused on further growing our international business in North America and, with Alberta producing nearly 70% of Canada’s crude oil and almost 80% of its natural gas, creating a stronghold in the area is a key part of our strategy. ”

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