Several power modules in one housing size for 90° PCB mounting

Paul Boughton

Vincotech has unveiled the new power module flow90PACK 0, which integrates several power modules into one housing size for 90° PCB mounting. Featuring three half-bridges up to 1200V/35A with open emitters, this is the module of choice for multiple-axis servo drives where space is at a premium.

Another step up from Vincotech's flow90 1 housing, the flow90 0 housing is a space-saving unit that does not require costly L-shaped heat-sinks. flow90PACK 0 not only works with standard heat-sink formats, it is also phenomenally easy to mount. The module simply clips into the PCB.

Both the new flow90 0 housing and standard modules feature the same DCB dimensions (33 x 66mm) and power and chip options. Consequently, flow90PACK 0 is well suited for much the same range of products – the selection of layouts and topologies being limited only by the special pinning concept. With the benefit of its remarkably slim housing, this module is the perfect choice for bookshelf sized systems with multiple modules.

The flow90PACK 0 is now in serial production; samples can be ordered via the standard sales channels.

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