Servo motor gives extra torque to packaging machinery

Paul Boughton

Parker Hannifin has introduced a new model to its compact SMB Series brushless servo motor range. The SMB170 not only extends the torque capability of the series to 60Nm, but also offers a high degree of flexibility to food processing, packaging, material forming and handling machinery OEMs thanks to an extensive range of motor frame configurations and options.

The SMB series has been designed to combine cutting-edge technology with extremely high performance. Utilising innovative ‘Salient Pole’ technology featuring Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets uniquely encapsulated to the motor shaft, SMB motors can achieve very high acceleration and withstand high overloads without any risk of demagnetisation or detachment of the magnets. Additionally, the motor’s dimensions are considerably reduced offering significant advantages in terms of specific torque and dynamic performance. Compared to traditional-technology brushless servo motors, the specific torque is approximately 30 per cent higher and rotor inertias are extremely low making it especially suited to highly dynamic applications.

The addition of the SMB170 means the widely regarded SMB series of high quality servo motors is now available in sizes from 60mm to 170mm, nominal torque range from 0.35 to 60Nm and nominal speeds up to 7500rpm. The new SMB170 is available in two lengths (306mm/409mm) which are rated at 35Nm and 60Nm respectively. Both are equipped with a front holding brake that provides better performance and improves thermal dissipation.

SMB170 features the same feedback types and options as the rest of the SMB range, from a robust resolver interface to multiple high precision digital position feedback options. The product can also be ordered as a single cable servo motor featuring the new HIPERFACE DSL feedback system - a completely digital and interference-free absolute position feedback system for servo motors and drives. This integrates the encoder communication into the motor power connection cable eliminating the need for a separate feedback connection cable between drive and motor.

SMB series is designed to provide optimum performance when matched to Parker SLVD-N and TPD-M series servo drives, thus providing highly dynamic and efficient control. Furthermore the motors are also available as SMH series dedicated for use with Parker’s Compax3 servo drive platform

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