Serial EEPROMs feature a pre-programmed 32-bit serial number

Paul Boughton

Microchip's new family of serial EEPROM devices that feature a pre-programmed 32-bit serial number for customers requiring unique IDs in their applications.  For applications needing longer than 32-bit IDs, the unique ID can be extended to 48-bit, 64-bit, 96-bit, 128-bit and other lengths by increasing the number of bytes read from memory.

Because the 32-bit ID is unique within these devices, any longer bit sequence is also unique.These 2Kb serial EEPROM devices are available in standard busses, such as I2C, SPI and Microwire, and integrate up to 1.5 Kb of memory that can be used as a standard EEPROM.  In addition, Microchip has released a 256 Kb I2C unique-ID device, which, in addition to the 32-bit serial number, also contains the IEEE EUI-48 and IEEE EUI-64 MAC addresses.  These IDs are in a write-protected area of the memory, giving users up to 224 Kb of EEPROM to use in their applications. 

Microchip ensures this 32-bit ID is unique across the entire family of 24AA02UID, 24AA025UID, 11AA02UID, 25AA02UID and 24AA256UID unique-ID EEPROM devices.
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