Sensors deliver non-invasive air bubble detection

Paul Boughton

Morgan Advanced Materials has launched a new range of high-performance air in-line and occlusion sensors for the medical sector.

Capable of delivering non-invasive air bubble detection and accurately measuring pressure changes in tubes leading into the body, the new range provides a highly precise means of monitoring safety-critical events in medical products such as infusion pumps, enteral feeding pumps, dialysis equipment and other fluid-handling applications.

The latest air in-line sensor technology has been developed in response to the large variation in tube sizes and materials used in the medical market for drug delivery and fluid management. Morgan now offers three standard designs  accommodating a large range of tube sizes. Key features of the new air in-line sensors include optional digital electronics, which can be programmed to detect air bubbles of different sizes depending on requirement and provide an output reading of air bubbles detected. The technology is available in an established flat surface option and an innovative curved design, which offers enhanced performance and greater sensitivity across a larger range of tube sizes. It does not require external clamping, while its highly engineered shape delivers reduced signal settling time, enabling faster set-up for operators and improved stability signal over time.

The range is fully tested to the IP68 rating, sealed to guarantee total protection from dust ingress, and capable of withstanding the prolonged effects of immersion under water, as well as being RoHS compliant.

Morgan Advanced Materials occlusion sensors enable medical professionals to quickly identify blockages in tubes leading into the body. The highly sensitive, high-performance and durable sensors can be used with thin-walled tubing to identify negative pressure caused by upstream blockages and positive pressure triggered by downstream blockages. The Morgan range does not require a disposable cassette, unlike many products on the market.

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