Sensor packs precision into tiny spaces

Paul Boughton

The new CPL350 is a small, precision capacitive displacement sensor from Lion Precision. The single-channel sensor brings top-shelf performance into tiny spaces. It is suitable for embedded and OEM applications.

Designing machines that require embedded, high-precision position sensing can be a frustration for engineers and designers.

Non-contact sensing with resolutions in the nanometre range often means a large rack-mount or modular bench top style design. Machinery may not have the space available for such a system.

Additionally, the sensor electronics may have front panel adjustments which are not easily accessible once installed in a machine. These larger precision systems can also be challenging to the design’s cost controls.

Lion Precision’s new CPL350 now provides a better option. The single-channel system provides measurement performance approaching that of their top-of-the-line Elite Series modular systems. Resolutions as high as 0.0007% at 100Hz or 0.004% at 15kHz. It does all this in 2x2x4 inch package (50x50x200mm). A BNC single-ended output is provided, or for maximum resolution with longer cable runs, a differential output is also available.

With no user adjustments or displays, the CPL350 electronics can be installed in out-of-the-way places. Sensors typically ship with 15 kHz bandwidth. Users can access an internal dip-switch to set the bandwidth to 15kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz, 100Hz. The bandwidth selection allows users to opt for higher resolutions or higher speeds.