Semi-flexible cables

25th September 2015

Posted By Paul Boughton

UK-based specialist RF connector maker Intelliconnect (Europe) has launched its own brand of semi-flexible 0.085-in (I405) and 0.141-in (I402) cables for industrial, defence, security and test system applications.

The Intelliconnect semi-flexible cables are designed to compete with Multiflex, T-Flex and Flexiform cables by offering a lighter, more flexible alternative to semi-rigid types making system assembly and interconnection easier.

Any small reductions in performance compared with semi-rigid cables are more than compensated for by competitive pricing and compatibility with standard semi-rigid cable connectors.

Similar to TFLEX 402/405, the Intelliconnect Spiral Strip shielded coaxial cables are flexible alternatives to semi-rigid coax and the unique shielding configuration offers a cost effective, low attenuation option. The use of strip/round braid composite shields results in low transfer impedance levels.

The 50ohm construction exhibits the same attenuation characteristics as M17/130-RG402 and M17/133-RG405 cables. All the Spiral Strip Shield coaxial cables have VSWR characteristics that meet or exceed similar size flexible constructions. The I402 and I405 cable types have been designed with diameters over the outer braids of 0.141-in and 0.086-in and have an operating temperature range of -55 to +200°C.

In addition to custom cable assemblies, including cryogenic cables, Intelliconnect makes a range of standard and custom RF connectors and components, including waterproof and fast turnaround custom designs which are undertaken without NRE charges to their customers.

Intelliconnect also manufacture a large range of coaxial adaptors to facilitate inter-series connection and gender change for military and aerospace applications as well as marine, oil and gas, medical and general microwave markets. 




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