Sellafield expert given institute role

Paul Boughton

Rebecca Weston, a senior member of the decommissioning team at Europe’s most complex nuclear site, will carry out her new position on the Board of Trustees with the Nuclear Institute (NI), alongside her full-time role at Sellafield Ltd.

The Nuclear Institute is a UK membership organisation representing nuclear professionals independent of company and profession. It supports the career development of individuals within the industry and aims to encourage new entrants into the growing energy sector.Rebecca has almost 15 years of experience in the nuclear industry, most spent at the Sellafield site in West Cumbria. She has held a number of senior positions across a range of complex operational, waste management and decommissioning activities.

PhD qualified, Rebecca is a Chartered Physicist, Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and has recently added an Executive MBA to her professional and technical qualifications. She hopes to apply her experience to drive forward the NI’s work to support existing nuclear professionals and attract new talent to the industry.

Rebecca said: “I am honoured to be increasing my involvement with the Nuclear Institute, which has been an invaluable asset to me throughout my career. My membership continues to be a great support to the nuclear specific aspects of my work.

“It is perceived that the Nuclear Institute is the professional institution solely for engineers and technical people, but this isn’t the case, it is there for anyone engaged in the nuclear industry. I hope to use my position on the Board of Trustees to nurture the skills and talent of others and also encourage more people into the industry so we are in the best possible position to drive forward the UK nuclear renaissance.

“I have been involved for nearly a decade now outside of my role at Sellafield Ltd, helping to promote the nuclear industry and the exciting career opportunities it offers, particularly to young people. I feel very fortunate to be able to apply my experiences at the Sellafield site to this role. The challenges at the site are unprecedented and the decommissioning work will take over 100 years, meaning it has presented me with a unique learning environment and will provide a broad range of career opportunities for decades to come.

“My perspective and experience of being a volunteer ‘on the ground’ helps me to relate to those carving out a career in the industry. I am excited to focus on the breadth of the membership and support the needs of all nuclear professionals, not just engineers. The Board of Trustees is very aware of our responsibility to promote the world class professionals within the industry to the public and to encourage new entrants into what is a fast growing sector.” 

Tim Chittenden, Nuclear Institute President, said: "We are thrilled to welcome Rebecca to the Board of Trustees, building on her experience as an excellent chair of the NI's Cumbria branch. We look forward to receiving the wider benefit of her knowledge and enthusiasm as we work together with our staff and members to lead the NI forward."

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