Seismic array tool breaks downhole temperature records

Paul Boughton

Sercel’s recently launched downhole seismic array tool, GeoWave II, has broken temperature records during field trials.

Specially designed for deployment in high-pressure wells with high temperatures of up to 400°F/205°C, GeoWave II has the capability for continuous data acquisition in a deep hot well at 362°F/183.5°C.

During field trials in north-eastern France, the 16-level GeoWave II system was deployed in a 5,000-metre deep well in the presence of a major international service company. GeoWave II recorded multiple VSP shots with repeatable VSP data, both in open and cased holes, as well as high-frequency microseismic events at different sampling rates, including 0.25ms.

This performance represents the world’s first borehole seismic survey to be acquired with a digital tool over a long duration in temperatures of above 347°F/175°C.

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said: “This record-breaking performance confirms the ability of GeoWave II to conduct safe and efficient Vertical Seismic Profile and hydraulic fracture monitoring surveys in the most hostile well environments. We are confident that GeoWave II clearly addresses the increasingly challenging downhole environments faced by our customers."

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