Secure connection of special rigid cables

Paul Boughton

PROVERTHA expands its M12 product portfolio introducing M12 cable connectors with integrated shield ring. The fully shielded M12 cable connectors enable RF-tight solutions with 360° shielding for special cables with rigid isolation. The new connectors are suitable for cables having a rigid cable coating, where crimp solutions can not be used.

Due to the full shielding, the new M12 connectors are ideal for applications with high EMC demands. The RF-tight solutions with 360 ° shielding support a wide spectrum of cables.

The new M12 cable connectors retain the compact form factor and the dimensions of the standard M12 cable connectors.  A secure, vibration resistant and reliable cable strain relief is ensured in demanding applications. PROVERTHA initially introduces the new cable connectors in the versions M12-A5, M12-A8, and M12-D.

PROVERTHA M12 connectors provide reliable 360° shielded solutions, latest crimp technology and compact dimensions. They high quality products are ideal for extremely rough industrial environments and ensure a safe and reliable signal/data transfer.