Second generation in-mould electronic materials announced

Louise Davis

DuPont Electronics & Imaging has announced that it is launching its second generation of in-mould electronic (IME) materials with key advancements in its electrically conductive adhesive, protection encapsulant and crossover dielectric. IME technology enables functions such as touch controls and lighting to be directly embedded inside of plastic parts by printing circuits onto plastic sheets, which are then thermoformed and injection moulded. This allows product engineers to reduce weight and cost while increasing design aesthetics and functionality in everything from car dashboards to home appliances, using fewer parts and manufacturing steps.

“We have been working on our IME materials solution for the past five years, drawing on our expertise in printed electronics,” said Michael Burrows, global venture leader for Advanced Materials, DuPont Electronics & Imaging. “Implementing IME requires reliable materials and technical expertise.”
DuPont offers a reliable, complete material stack-up guaranteed to work together. DuPont’s IME second generation advancements include electrically conductive adhesive which is significantly more flexible than epoxy-based systems meaning better adhesion after forming; ideal for attaching LEDs and microcircuit controllers.

With crossover dielectric, this newest offering cuts the number of layers required by half, this means cost savings and shorter processing time while achieving electrical isolation and high break down voltage.


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