Sealing damaged flanges

Paul Boughton

Flexitallic has launched the first solution to sealing damaged flanges without the need for replacement or machining - the Flange Rescue Gasket (FRG).

The FRG is developed in response to customer demand for a sealing solution to reduce the lengthy and costly process of flange maintenance in corrosive offshore environments.  Flexitallic surpassed requirements by creating the FRG which negates flange replacement or machining, potentially reducing flange inspection by 24 hours, and also prevents further corrosion.

Previously, sealing issues with corroded flanges have discouraged frequent inspection.  Now, flanges can easily be inspected and sealed effectively enabling fast, accurate assessment of internal corrosion.  Shutdowns with associated HSE visits are dramatically reduced, as is the huge loss of revenue.

Flexitallic's revolutionary sealing technology, highly compressible Sigma, ensures the FRG conforms to damaged flange surfaces to seal and prevent further deterioration.  Restructured Sigma PTFE bonded to the high integrity serrated metal ring provides a leak-free seal and blow out resistance. The bright, easily identifiable FRG has a PTFE coated corrosion resistant body and integral bolt holes for ease of installation and ensures correct location.  Superior mechanical integrity allows full range of torque reducing the risk of operator error, meeting stringent HSE standard.

From corrosion management to health and safety, through environmental impact to incident avoidance, the FRG is dramatically changing flange inspection and maintenance forever.

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