Seal for top-entry mixing/agitator applications

Paul Boughton

For demanding top-entry agitator/mixing applications, Chemineer’s new ChemSeal provides first-class seal performance and improved safety.

Designed specifically for agitator duties where shaft movements are larger, speeds are slower and conditions far more variable than those encountered by pump seals, ChemSeal’s balanced seal design reduces seal face wear rate.  

Available in either single or double configurations, it also increases pressure capability by reducing the seal contact pressure as process pressure fluctuates.

When combined with Chemineer’s swing-out seal change procedure, maintenance times are greatly reduced.  True cartridge design allows for quick and easy removal, inspection and replacement of a worn seal.

Safe and reliable operation of Chemineer’s ChemSeal is enhanced by a design that keeps seal faces closed and free from failure.  In the event of a pressure reversal, vessel contents are successfully contained, thus improving operator and plant safety.

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